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Health Train Gone Off The Tracks?

I have fallen off the workout wagon this month. I love to workout, so what happened? Like so many people, I got sick during the winter season and had to take time off. I probably actually needed the break. I have been attempting to get back into a routine with both my nutrition and exercise, but the more time I take off, the harder it is to return to full speed. You know how it goes...low motivation, no energy, and then caffeine and sugar become the pick me up. I found myself making excuses instead of making the appointments with my friends as I did in the past. I love balance in my life, but I do not need the break anymore.

I realize that when I am not doing well, I tend to isolate myself. I feel like maybe I won’t keep up, I am too slow or it will just plain be too hard when I get back into it. I think to myself that I will just get myself up to speed on my own and then join in. I never quite do that. Then I start filling that workout time with other nonessential things. Being busy was just another way of me saying I wasn’t making my exercise a priority.

Your Health Train went off the tracks?
Grab a friend to get back on.


Do you also isolate yourself from others when things get tough? The problem with that is the longer we stay away, the harder it is to get back into it. Research shows having someone keep us accountable makes us show up consistently. It also makes it way more fun! You will also work harder in your workouts that you would alone. We can skip that last rep or lift light or cut out of our workout earlier. Yep, I know from experience.


Can we also talk about the free therapy? When I workout with the my girlfriends, we chat, we laugh, we share things we may not share otherwise and it goes by quickly. My friends make me feel confident about pushing myself and help me keep the momentum going. We can be griping about all that is wrong in our world, but at the end of the workout, we have talked it out and the endorphin's send us off in a great mood. Goal setting is even better when your accountability partners know what you are trying to do. They can help you stay on track and remind you when you are straying. They have your best interests at heart. Health coaches and accountability partners can also share fresh, new ideas on how to get started on your goals.

Life is also about balance and relationships. When working out with others and sharing health and wellness goals with someone who keeps you accountable, you are also filling another bucket in your life that needs attention. Being with people and especially ones that uplift you, fill you with joy and encourage you, will be medicine for your soul. Folks, life is hard and busy and it’s not going to change. What will change is that you will be taking care of yourself and injecting 30 minutes of feel good into your day that will last for hours after.

This is why I became a health coach. I love being there to encourage, love and push my clients to be their best selves every day. I really understand what it’s like to not know where to start. Sometimes we just need to know someone who cares is there to check in and guide us to follow through on the goals we have chosen to help build a healthy lifestyle. I also know every person is very unique and needs their own plan that includes the whole person, not just exercise and nutrition. Small, incremental steps in all parts of our lives build up to one amazing life. It just takes one person to believe in you to make phenomenal changes.

If you feel that YOUR Health Train has gone off the tracks, and you aren't sure how to get it back on the tracks, please reach out to me as I have a few solutions that will help you achieve your goals! #BeWell

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