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It's the Fight of Your Life: Health vs. Diets

Health vs. Diets  Want to place bets on who will win?


I admit it! I attempted so many fat loss diets and even used some very unhealthy ways to lose weight fast.  I was on the only potato diet, the grapefruit and hard boiled egg diet, the low fat diet, the juicing diet and even the don’t eat anything diet.  That one backfired into me eating more.

Guess what?  I may have lost a few pounds initially, but I gained them back and then some.  I had a hard time learning to just eat. I felt defeated and like a failure for having no discipline.  Those diets sent me into worse black holes of cravings. I felt guilt and shame for having no willpower or control over the bag of chips or box of cookies, they beat me every time.

Do you know the difference between being on a diet that is short term and working toward long term health?

Diets are a trap.  They are very restrictive and we always think about what we can NOT have. By human nature, when we are told not to do something, we are tempted to do it even more.  When we are too restrictive, we set ourselves up for failure and will fall off the wagon even faster and harder. 


I would be so upset with myself when I would cave by the end of the first day of a diet.  We also beat ourselves up every time we slip up. We are depriving ourselves.  Why do we punish ourselves with a world of constant No?  Our hormones are messed up and our blood sugar is going crazy.  We end up fighting with ourselves, not just food.

It's time for us to focus on health instead of diet.  When I realized I could say YES to so many amazing, satisfying, and nutrient dense foods, it actually was freedom from the diets.  We are all different people with different needs, likes and dislikes. Our bodies can be nourished and we have the ability to change our cravings and food habits.

We could say Yes! Be happy and not obsessed with food. What a concept!  Feel good and have tons of energy.  Let’s celebrate great nutrition, and you.  You can be satisfied, accept yourself and feel empowered with your food choices

Let’s get away from what we look like, our image, our waist size and our weight and talk about eating to fuel our bodies, have energy and be able to sleep through the night.  Let’s talk about shiny  hair and clear skin,  looking and feeling great and taking on each day!

Good food is your friend, not your enemy.  Health is about loving ourselves enough to nourish our bodies, not about hating ourselves when we eat what what we shouldn’t. We get to say “I choose this apple over this brownie”.  “I can have the brownie another day”.

As a health coach, I am here for you to develop a plan to find the foods you will love, the recipes to prepare them and guidance and love you need to stay on track.  Let's chat! Message me or sign up on the website for a free health consultation. 

Health vs. Diet  Who is the winner? 
If you choose health...YOU are the winner.