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Cashew Milk on the Fly

Hello my Wellness Friends!

I have slacked off on the blogging, but I am excited to be back at it.  It’s been a busy couple of months with so many fun adventures. I have joined LifeSource Group as their health and wellness coach and it’s been exciting.  Now, I can see clients, share wellness tips and recipes and connect more with you!


You know how I like easy recipes.  This cashew milk took less time to make than driving to the grocery store and getting a packaged and processed cashew milk.   I love knowing it’s fresh and has no preservatives.  If you have the ingredients at home, you can make this in 15 minutes.

To get the freshest tasting cashew milk, use raw, organic cashews and cold, filtered water.   I also am very lucky to have homemade vanilla from my friend’s mom, named Noni.  How perfect is that?  You can also use vanilla extract, but real vanilla tastes amazing.

I don’t soak my cashews as long as most people do.  With 4 teens in the house and so many things to do, I usually pick the quickest route.  If I am really in a hurry, I don’t soak them at all.  Raw cashews are very soft. Some people also don’t add all the water at one time.  Our household is fast paced so I dump it all in and blend.  If have you teenage boys and a husband, they will probably laugh when you tell them you are using a nut bag to strain your milk.  It never gets old in our house!

My husband, Mike, likes a little sweet in his cashew and almond milk so I used maple syrup. You can also use soaked dates for sweetness.  The pinch of cinnamon gives it a great flavor, too. Sometimes, I skip the sweetness altogether if I am using the cashew milk for recipes.

What ingredients do you need?

1 cup raw cashews

4 cups cold, filtered water

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

100% pure maple syrup (or soak 3 dates in hot water and add instead of maple syrup)

Pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Pinch of cinnamon

Nut bag or cheesecloth to strain your milk



What do you do with these ingredients?

Like I said, I just dump it all in and blend.  After blending to get it as smooth as you can, strain it through your nut bag or cheesecloth into a large container or bowl.  You will want to squeeze all the milk out. The cashew meal will be left inside the bag.  

I will be posting a recipe for grain free cashew meal crackers soon so you can use the cashew meal and not waste it.  That is a rule in my house.  If you can use it, don’t waste it.  If I am not making crackers, I give it to my chickens.  They think it’s a treat.

There are so many other things you can add to your cashew milk for fun.  You can add cacao for chocolate milk or blended strawberries for strawberry milk.  I also add toasted coconut to my homemade milks. You can substitute raw almonds for cashews and make almond milk instead.  I do find soaking the almonds helpful because they have a tougher texture.

Cashew milk is amazing by itself, but I really like how it makes my smoothies creamy.  I blend it in mashed potatoes and salad dressings, too.  Cashew milk gives coffee a great taste.  It makes it creamy without too much sweet and you can skip the dairy.

If you would like more ideas on foods that fit into your unique lifestyle, would like help losing weight and guidance on balancing your life, contact me for a free 45 minute consultation. Together we can find a program for your nutrition and wellness goals and on your terms.  We can connect in person, via Skype, Facetime or over the phone.

Enjoy the day, try something new and be well, my friends!