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Food and Your Mood

Are you sitting in the waiting room feeling like your health is out of control?  In a time when you may feel you have little control over your mind or body, there is one thing you can control with depression and anxiety.  That is your daily food.  With therapy and medication, food can be a part of your overall treatment plan to help you feel better.


Researchers are calling our gut the second brain and when we don’t fuel ourselves with food that serves us, our brain chemistry can be thrown off and increase anxiety and depression. 


Did you know food is fuel for your brain? Our brain and our gut are so connected that what we eat impacts how our brain functions, our emotions and our mental health.  With recent research showing almost 90% of our serotonin being produced in our gut, keeping our gut clean and healthy is very important and connected to our mental health. Serotonin is a chemical and neurotransmitter in the body that is important to help regulate mood, appetite, sex drive, sleep, memory and more.

Food intolerances and sensitivities may also play a role in how the gut is connecting with the brain.  Some common intolerances are eggs, dairy, gluten soy and peanuts.  When foods we are sensitive to cannot be digested properly, our gut can become inflamed and mood swings can be triggered.

Chase the health and the body will follow.  The great thing is we really should be eating nutrient dense, real foods and reducing processed food and sugar anyway to feel our best, lose weight, be alert and reduce risk of disease.  Eating clean food and repairing the gut can also reduce cravings.  We also want to include drinking water all day.  Dehydration can also cause cognitive effects that make us feel lethargic, have brain fog and can change our mood.


Even when we know what to eat, changing habits can be a challenge.  The food we buy, our meals and even the food we use to calm ourselves, is all etched in our habits.  Sometimes we even eat certain foods that do not serve us because we grew up on them and it reminds us of our childhood or fills an emotional need like sadness, loneliness, boredom, stress or frustration. 


Hiring a health coach can help you learn more about your mindset and emotions regarding food. You will become more educated on food choices that you can experiment with to feel better and learn techniques to slowly change your habits to make lifelong changes.  A health coach can help keep you stay accountable and feel supported through your transformation.


If you would like to learn how coaching can help you improve your health, weight and lifestyle habits, contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.  I look forward to helping you feel amazing!

Be well, Friends!



This article was published in the St. Augustine Woman’s Journal April/May 2019.