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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find tips, ideas, recipes, my thoughts on products, ways to feed and nourish your soul, and many ways to make your transition to optimal health and wellness more obtainable, fun, and delicious. 

Chase the health and the body will follow

I remember looking at different bodies of fitness models and movie stars and wishing I was them.  I longed to have their long and lean legs, flat abs and whatever else they had that I didn’t have. It didn’t occur to me then that I had my own body type and I wasn’t as tall, I would always have a little bit of a belly unless I starved myself and I had a completely different bone structure.  It certainly didn’t stop me from trying. 


I would do crazy diets, but then give up and I would just binge when I realized I couldn’t do it. Diets, I found out, set us up for such failure. I didn’t realize working only on my outside image was never going to be sustainable. I also didn’t understand why I still wasn’t happy when I did reach my weight goals.

When I was in my late teens in college, a boy broke up with me and told his friends his ex-girlfriend had a better body. I was devastated. I started to equate thinness with worthiness and love. That and other perceptions of beauty in my mind started me on the cycles of dieting and disordered eating that never led to the strong, lean body I wanted. It just led to frustration, low self esteem and binging. It certainly didn’t lead to health or happiness.

I also completely failed to think about how food was going to energize and nourish my body. It’s hard to be in a great mood, fun to be around and have glowing skin when you are not eating well or enough food.  I remember feeling lightheaded, foggy and tired, but plugging through the day. It’s hard to even work out when you are eating too little and calorie counting, drinking only shakes or just juicing. It was such a backward way of thinking. I was so consumed with being thin that I never realized what might be happening on the inside.

When we are looking to change our bodies, we focus too much on the outer body and image.  We chase a dream and it's usually someone else's body we want. Social media really exaggerates this comparisonitis.

We compare ourselves to others and want a quick fix and easy path to that body, but it’s not OUR body.  Often we will diet and exercise, only to give up easily because we don't see results immediately. That can really break our spirit and it usually involves shame and guilt.

It’s like going to the hair salon with a picture of the hair you want.  You don’t have the same face or hair texture, but want to look like the picture.  Yes...that has been me many times. I will apparently never look like Jennifer Aniston.  But that’s OK, because I am me and you are YOU.

What really changed for me and my health, was my mindset. I started thinking about my gut health, my skin, my brain and longevity. I am now working from the INSIDE OUT not the other way around.

When we change our focus to what is even more important than our outer bodies which is our health, inner spirit and our mindset, we are more likely to have success, feel better and make lasting changes. Starting with our health on a cellular level and looking at how we actually FEEL can be a game changer.


Filling ourselves with nutrient dense food, lots of water, and getting more sleep will help us fight disease, lose weight and exude more confidence and radiance.  When we reduce stress and increase movement and exercise, we will feel more centered and energized. It’s not just physical, it’s mental. When you are cleaning out the inside, it will show on the outside. Your weight will fall in line with your habits over time.

Working from the inside out, we are more likely to:

  • Lose weight for good

  • Have glowing skin

  • Gain muscle

  • Have tons of energy

  • Sleep better

  • Have less stress

  • Have more self confidence no matter our weight and size

  • Be more productive

  • Have a sharper brain

  • Have less cravings

  • Have less anxiety

You get to choose...inside out or outside in.  If you want to look good for the short term, go for the quick fix diet.   If you want it forever, go for the health and inside first.

My motto: Chase the health and the body will follow.

Have a great day and be well my friends!




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