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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find tips, ideas, recipes, my thoughts on products, ways to feed and nourish your soul, and many ways to make your transition to optimal health and wellness more obtainable, fun, and delicious. 

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It's the Fight of Your Life: Health vs. Diets

Diets are a trap.  They are very restrictive and we always think about what we can NOT have. By human nature, when we are told not to do something, we are tempted to do it even more.  When we are too restrictive, we set ourselves up for failure and will fall off the wagon even faster and harder. 


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Butternut Squash Soup: Sunshine In A Bowl

Do you ever try to eat foods you don’t like or just don’t fit you just because they are healthy?  I really love a great salad with tons of vegetables, greens, nuts and a light homemade dressing, but I also love warming and grounding foods.  That is why I make soup any time of the year.  I love warm food and my husband, Mike, likes cool food. Luckily, this soup goes great with salad so we get both the best of both worlds!

Sunshine Butternut Squash Soup

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Health Train Gone Off The Tracks?

I have fallen off the workout wagon this month. I love to workout, so what happened? Like so many people, I got sick during the winter season and had to take time off. I probably actually needed the break. I have been attempting to get back into a routine with both my nutrition and exercise, but the more time I take off, the harder it is to return to full speed. You know how it goes...low motivation, no energy, and then caffeine and sugar become the pick me up. I found myself making excuses instead of making the appointments with my friends as I did in the past. 

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